About Island Wide Entertainment

Island Wide Entertainment was founded in 2014 by John Kupres, with the idea that getting entertainment for your child’s party should not be stressful.

Our mission is to provide quality entertainment, at an affordable price, while giving you the peace-of-mind in knowing your going to get what you expect.

“Dear Friends,

I have been involved in family entertainment for over 11 years. My experience starts with the performing arts. I have worked with professional theater companies where I played a key role in their children’s theater productions. Young children can be some of your toughest critics, so designing a performance to grab their attention and keep them entertained is no easy task! We never once failed at our mission to provide a high energy and entertaining show, that was fun for the whole family.

I have also worked in the children’s party entertainment industry for the last 5 years. It only seemed natural to go into this industry given my experience with families and young children during my time spent in the theater. I have seen both the best and the worst companies in my time spent in this industry. I know what children love, and I understand what parents expect when they trust a company to entertain their children and guests.

My time in both the performing arts, and the children’s entertainment industry have armed me with the knowledge, and experience to truly bring you quality entertainment, from people who know and understand how to bring it.”

John Kupres
Our team, and how we hire.

We take great care when we hire our employees. Unlike some companies that just hire anyone to fill space to book as many parties as possible, we only hire applicant that have experience in the performing arts, and/or the children’s entertainment industry. We do this to maintain quality. We know performers are going to love performing, and we know they are going to be personable! And that is instrumental in providing quality entertainment.

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